Monday, 18 September 2017

Makers Week Seven: Single Page App & iPhone X!


Last week we focused on building a one page app without any frameworks or libraries in Javascript. We also had to find a way of setting up a testing environment for it, and writing it ourselves. Amazingly its not that hard, basically just comparing elements on the page using the DOM to see if they're there/working properly.

However, since I haven't really been that interested in the front end, it has been lacking. So this weekend I brushed up my knowledge with HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. It was also a great excuse to catch up with my friend in NYC since that was his specialty.

I learned loads, but I'm not too tempted by it. I'm glad I found Bootstrap since its basically a massive library of templates which means I don't have to spend too much time on that, since I'm more interested in the creating of things rather then the look of it.

When you know how tough things are to make its special to us, but looks so basic to others!

I quite like the idea of the one page app. It seemed a fast and quite reliable way of making a quick website that could do some stuff. I'm not too confident with using the controller, which is a file where you direct where everything goes. It gets rather confusing with GETS/POSTS requests, redirects, and passing information between the pages.


Last week Apple finally announced the much anticipated iPhone X in their keynote. It was their special "but there's one more thing" line, but unfortunately it was pretty obvious what it was, which kind of makes me think that they don't really understand how that twist is meant to work.

With Steve Jobs, it would genuinely be a surprise, and the main products would be shown off normally. It seems quite apparent to me that they are quite lost without him, for some choices during the presentation really do seem off;

  • Selling off (I'm assuming?) airtime to show Spiderman trailers and what not.
  • More developers showing their games which are cool, but mostly somewhat unrelated to the product.
  • Spending a good 5 minutes on showing face ID with masks and emojis. I mean, how many people are really sending animated texts really?
Does anyone actually use those animated emojis and finger painting in their messages?

Apple used to be known for its innovation. With a roller button on iPods, a much more responsive iPad touch screen, and Macbook Airs so slim they fit in an envelope, it seems they have lost their flare and presentation skills.


One of the biggest surprises to me was that they released the iPhone 8.... completely identical to the iPhone 7! I mean, it has wireless charging now and better memory/camera/battery life but literally no new design or anything at all!

For £800, if you were gonna spend that much on a phone you might as well pay another £200 and get the iPhone X. I mean your spending £800 on a phone anyways, that £200 isn't gonna be that big of a weight in your pocket!

Anyone who buys an iPhone 8...

My iPhone 6 is most likely gonna upgrade to the 7. Ironically with all my ranting its still not gonna be enough for me to want to even consider moving.


When the iPhone first came out, people were saying that it was a crazy price. But with that revolutionary responsive touch screen, it made all the difference and Apple stormed into the phone market and has never looked back.

This new model is everything we expected, flush end to end screen, gone is the home button, wireless charging, and faceID.

Even though its everything we expected, still lookin' swaaaag!

I'm not sure how the industry realised how prevalent the faceID was going to be, it seemed to be the surprise of the night. It looks pretty amazing, but its hard to believe that it is more safe then a fingerprint. I think the quote was that it was a one in one million for a false positive sign in.

It seems that Apple is gonna be going in this direction of using facial recognition. I've always wondered how the ApplePay would work without the fingerprint button, and well you use your face. Yes, you heard it right, you pay... with literally your face! Weird...

Whether this becomes more mainstream, only a matter of time will tell. I personally quite like using the fingerprint and was expecting a reader on the back like other phones. I just wonder how many fringe situations are going to happen of accidental payments or unlocking!

What seems great though is that the wireless charging has finally arrived. Apple has chosen "Qi" wireless chargers which means that third party manufacturers can go nuts with producing these before Apple's official overpriced version comes out next year. Since Apple has chosen it, should mean that others will follow suit and we will see it become more of a common thing. It has been a slow and painful journey towards the dream of never seeing a tangled wire ever again.

One grand IS crazy, but its gonna sell out especially with all the monthly plans that people will join to get it. Its crazy to think that a phone that can sit in someone's pocket is going to be more expensive then the laptop I am blogging on right here!

I look forward to checking it out when it comes out in the Apple stores, but its unlikely I will get it. Maybe the next one?

Here's a pretty cool close look at the iPhone X with Marques Brownlee. I really love this guy's tech videos, super clean and to the point!

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